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The Lap Desk of Luxury

The world’s finest lap desk, where form and function come together in simple elegance and utility.

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luxury lap desk gives you the freedom to work or play in your favorite location with the ultimate lap desk!

  • Detachable Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
  • Premium Leather Surfaces
  • On-the-Go Power Bank Battery
  • Up to 3 LED Lights Simultaneously
  • Concealed Adjustable Legs
  • Modular Mouse Pads
  • Small Device Slots
  • Modular Design for Future Upgrades

A computer desk with a perfect blend of form and function.

Your corner office right in your lap

Premium Features

Transforms Any L ocation
into a Premium Corner office

  • Bed
  • Couch
  • Favorite Chair
  • Outside

Wherever you love to work or play!

Premium, Modular Lap Desk
The ergonomic design can be comfortably placed on your legs, or supported on any surface such as a sofa, bed or chair.
The desk itself has a lot of space and can be used for writing or laptops (up to 19 inches), tablet or smartphone, mouse, removable cup holder and note tray, and for Accessories for Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

Inside Storage Features

  1. The storage box opens to expose the storage area for paper, wires, portable batteries, pens, styluses, and other items.
  2. The internal portable and rechargeable power bank can charge tablets, mobile phones, LED lights, and most laptop computers and any other electronic devices.
  3. The integrated cable management function allows tight storage without causing unsightly and inconvenient cables.

Stowable, Extendable Legs
Its legs can be easily adjusted to fit the height of the work space, thereby improving comfort, posture and health. When not needed, they can also be folded into the compartment for storage.


  • Leather work surface
  • Aircraft-grade CNC aluminum legs


  • Black with black leather

Comfort Webbing

  • Removable Bluetooth speaker system
  • Up to three LED lights
  • Rechargeable power bank

  1. Central work area 一Leather surface Opens to storage area
  2. Modular mouse pad
    -Leather surface mouse
    -Re movable
    -Cable management slot
  3. Phone Slot
  4. 3x external USB slots,1x external type C USB power connect 2x internal USB for speaker system
  5. Module (Cup holder shown)Speaker module can be inserted
  6. Tablet Slot
  7. Module (Notepad holder shown)Speaker module can be inserted
  8. Phone Slot
  9. Modular mouse pad
    -Leather surface mouse
    - Removable
    - Cable management slot
  10. Ergonomic rubber bumper
  11. Latch
  12. Folding legs Hidden when not in use Two custom extensions